Black History Month Events in Nashville, TN

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Black History Month Events in Nashville, TN

African Americans have contributed to several countries, USA and Canada being two of them. Their achievements in various countries around the world are celebrated throughout the month of February, which is termed as the Black History month.

Recognition for the efforts of this community was first declared by America, which celebrated Black History month as early as 1976. Since this year, residents of Nashville, TN have been paying obeisance to this period, with several festive events being organized around the city.

Events celebrating Black History month in Nashville:

  • National Museum of African American Music– Several music events categorized under the name “From Nothing to Something” are likely to be offered by this museum at various Metro Library locations across Tennessee. Expect each session to be interactive and one hour long, describing the history and the sounds of instruments that have Afro American roots. Names of some of these musical instruments are the harmonica, the washtub bass, cigar-box guitar, and spoons as well.
  • Nashville Public Library– This place is a hub of activity around Black History month. It may be possible to learn about the origin of jazz music here this year. Other events include understanding the lasting impact of Black History month on American music in “Cool Days and Hot Jazz”, and the Harlem Renaissance. Many fun activities like dance classes and creative artwork also happen at this venue. One can also expect the puppet truck from the library to showcase performances in Nashville.
  • East Library- Southern Word, in partnership with the National Museum of African American Music, 5 Spot, StudioNPL, Lovenoise, and BongoJava bring forth the yearly black history poetry festival called ‘The Blacklift’.
  • Fort Donelson– Local community volunteers salute the US Colored Troops at Fort Donelson. Usually starting in the morning in the Stewart County Visitor Center, this event gets over with 19th Century Weapons firing on the Battlefield.
  • Green Hills library- Here are some interesting opportunities for children during this period. They can spend time at the Green Hills Library while listening to Miss Kristi, who tells stories about Afro American children. This program is for children aged 1-2 years.
  • Tennessee State University- The University will hold a program, called “Spiritual Songs: History of African-American Music” at 1 pm in the Avon Williams Center. Individuals present in the University campus will be able to attend the same. The program will be conducted by Dr Naima Johnston, professor at the state University. This program will enable attendees to explore the evolution and history of spiritual music as an American art form.
  • Bridgestone Arena- This is the venue for the annual RNB rewind in Nashville and will be held on February 28. One can expect powerful performances by Keith Sweat, Blackstreet, Ginuwine, Next, Donell Jones, and others as well.
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