Cleaning Tips for your Car

July 13th, 2021 by

Cleaning Tips for your Car

It’s important to clean your car since it may have accumulated a lot of dirt, and other particles over the last few months. Cleaning your vehicle and keeping it clean will give you ease of mind and will show you keep your car well maintained. There is no doubt that vehicles generally withstand tremendous abuse during all seasons. Use this time to develop a fresh perspective

Steps for Car Care:

Here are the different steps which will help renew the car and prepare it for a pleasant year ahead:

  • Cleaning Headlights and Taillights: Headlights and taillights are present at two external extremes of every car. Filth and fog are likely to accumulate on them over the year and must be thoroughly cleaned for future use. Remember to give them attention and check if they are working properly or not.
  • Changing Wiper Blades: All seasons are hard on the wipers, and you’ll notice worn out blades as soon as you turn them on. It’s a good idea to get the blades replaced when you notice them streaking.
  • Check or Change Tires: Remember to switch your winter tires out for a more suitable set of tires as the seasons get warmer and vise versa for the colder seasons. Do not attempt to use winter throughout the year. In case you are brave enough to try, you will notice that their treads wear out fast, rendering them useless for the next winter; all-weather tires must be used.
  • Look Below the Seats: Loose change and sippy cups could be lying below seats and may add up over time. Using a vacuum hose would be best suited to get rid of them and other impurities.
  • Cleaning the Interiors: Get rid of trash such as papers and food packets with a vacuum hose. The carpets should be scrubbed, and the seats should be power washed. Salt tends to accumulate inside the vehicle and should be removed at all costs. A steam cleaner may be considered for tough stains.
  • Ventilation System: Check the air conditioner to see if it’s working properly; you will require it for the upcoming summer. If there is a problem, schedule a maintenance check.
  • Trunk Cleaning: Many items may be lying in the trunk for a while, with it getting dirtier due to branches and other debris. It is important to clean the area for future use.
  • External Waxing: While washing the car’s outer body of a car removes corrosive debris, waxing seals the car paint and gives a shiny coat.
  • Windex on Mirrors: Use Windex to clean the IRVMs (interior rear view mirrors) and outside mirrors.
  • Below the Hood: Clean the area around the engine block to get rid of salt, sticks, debris, dirt, and leaves. These may create problems in cranking the car later.
  • Underneath the Car: Prepare yourself physically and mentally for cleaning your car underneath. It is natural that a lot of debris would have accumulated here, based on the kind of usage. One of the best ways to do the same is to visit a car wash.
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