Dare to Compare: Toyota Camry vs. Nissan Altima in Nashville, TN


Which is Best When it Comes to Midsize Sedans?

Midsize sedans have long been hailed as a great, practical, attractive choice for people who want a reliable, family-friendly car that's just as spacious and accommodating as it is stylish. However, the popularity of the sedan has lead to the market being over-saturated with competition, as more and more auto makers fill their lineups with at least two or three sedans to fulfill consumer demand. The good thing about that, though, is that buyers have choices - and since the market is so competitive, brands are offering more and more quality and features standard in order to stand out among their peers.

Camry vs. Altima

That's where the Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima come in. You might be looking at these two cars and wondering which is the better choice. Both have been around for quite some time and have built a loyal following and a good reputation. Associated with practicality and safety, neither is a bad selection, but doing your research is better than going in blind. In the end, the Camry is the better choice. Why? Because everywhere that the Altima falls short, the Camry has those bases covered. 


On the outside, while the Nissan Altima offers automatic-off exterior lights and a galvanized steel and aluminum body, the Camry is made from just galvanized steel to ensure body strength in the event of an accident, and has fully automatic exterior lights plus a spoiler and heated body mirrors. 


On the inside, both sedans hold up to 5 passengers, but the Camry's 8-way driver's seat and sliding armrest beats the Altima's 6-way seat with a fixed armrest. Plus, the Camry comes with heated driver and passenger seats, though both cars come with cloth upholstery.

Camry Wins Out

Both sedans do come with some similarities - 1-touch windows (though the Camry has 1-touch windows for both driver and passenger, while on the Altima it's for drivers only), Bluetooth compatibility, a full roster of airbags (even if the Toyota Camry has more), and remote keyless entry. But when the Camry offers a 6-speaker audio system, daytime running lights, an available First Aid kit, and voice recognition capabilities and the Altima just doesn't, it's clear which car is the better choice. Choose the Toyota Camry. Visit Beaman Toyota to test drive a Camry today.

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