Dashboard Indicator Lights and Their Meanings

There are a number of dashboard indicator lights in your vehicle, which can make it easy to diagnose an issue your vehicle is having before it becomes a major problem.This only helps, though, if you know what these indicator lights mean. Here is a quick list of the more commonly seen dashboard indicator lights and their meanings.  




Oil Change Reminder: Oil changes are an important part of routine car maintenance                             and should be completed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. As you might guess from its name,                         the Oil Change Reminder light on your dashboard is there to remind you when you need                           to take your car into the shop for its oil change.

Check Engine Light: Probably the most well-known and often seen light on the dashboard,                        the Check Engine Light can come on for a range of reasons. From the gas cap being loose                          to your engine needing new spark plugs, this light means there is an issue with your engine,                        however small or large. It's a good idea to take your car into your local mechanic's shop when                this light comes on to ensure your car continues to run smoothly.

Tire Pressure Warning: Tire pressure is more important than you might think. Not only is it             crucial in keeping your vehicle under control, it can also help or hinder your car's fuel efficiency.             The Tire Pressure Warning indicator will illuminate when your tire pressure is over or under its             recommended range. If this light comes on, check your pressure and either fill your tires or                   deflate them slightly to keep them in the proper pressure range.

Battery Charge Alert: When your battery is running on a low charge-or is dead or dying-                     the Battery Charge Alert light will come on your dashboard. Shaped like a battery, this indicator                 means it's time to change your battery for a new one. Since batteries tend to last about five                       years or so, keep an eye out for this alert.

Coolant Temperature Warning: If you want to avoid having an overheating engine, it's                         important to heed the Coolant Temperature Warning if it shows up on your dashboard.                           This light indicates that the temperature in your engine has exceeded its normal limits.                              If it comes on, check the coolant temperature, radiator cap, and fan operation, as                                     well as the whole system for potential coolant leaks. 

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