When Should I Get an Oil Change?

One of the most common, and most necessary, tasks for maintaining vehicle health is to get an oil change. The process of changing oil is not all that difficult. However, determining when you need to change your oil can be a bit trickier. That old adage of changing your oil every 3,000 miles is a good guideline, but it doesn't work for every vehicle. A more accurate way to gauge when you need to take care of your vehicle's oil is to look for these clear signs that your oil needs to be changed. 

Sign #1: Black and Gritty Oil

When you first purchase vehicle oil, it is a transparent shade of brown. So when you notice that not only is your vehicle oil black, but that it is also gritty and opaque, that should be a clear indicator that your oil is no longer good as new. Therefore, you need to change it at your earliest convenience. 

Sign #2: Excessive Engine Noise

Sight isn't the only sense you can rely upon to help you know when to change your oil. You can also rely upon sound. If you hear excessive noise coming from your vehicle's engine, this can often be a sign that you need to change the vehicle's oil. 

Sign #3: The Check Engine Light

The best part about checking the lifespan of your vehicle's oil is that you don't even have to rely upon any tricks. The Check Engine Light on your dashboard will often alert you if you need to change the oil in your vehicle!

Keep an eye out for these signs that you need to change your oil, and you won't constantly have to remember how many miles you have driven! When you notice it's time for an oil change, be sure to schedule an appointment at Beaman Toyota!

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