The Toyota Highlander: Safety and Performance

March 2nd, 2018 by

​The Toyota Highlander is a large SUV that is a good choice for those who want plenty of passenger and storage room along with a vehicle the is powerful enough for towing. The Highlander is a popular model with a luxurious interior and stylish exterior.

When it comes to the area of performance, the Toyota Highlander has much to offer. The Stop and Start Engine System helps with fuel efficiency. The engine shuts off at a stop sign, and it comes back on when you press the gas pedal. The Pre-Collision System stops the Highlander if a pedestrian, or any other object, is detected within the Highlander’s path.

If you live in Nashville, come to Beaman Toyota for a test drive of the Toyota Highlander. The professional sales staff will be happy to show you all that this vehicle has to offer including a powerful engine and many features for driver comfort.

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