Most Common Car Noises

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Most Common Car Noises

We all love to drive cars, but the real trouble starts when our cars start making strange noises that leave most people clueless. Most of us have no idea what went wrong and why it is causing the noises. It is most likely that most people do not know these noises and so the best thing to do is to take the car to a trusted mechanic who will let you know the problem and tell you the solution.

Here are some common noises that you can hear coming out from your car and how you must tackle them.

  1. Rattling sounds when the car is at a lower speed

If you start hearing certain rattling sounds when you start driving your car, and if that sound also goes away, then it could be a result of a misaligned lug nut. It would be best if you got these tightened because, in most cases, these nuts could get loose, causing damage.

  1. Squealing brake sounds

A prevalent sound that most people might have heard because of the problem with the brake system. A squealing sound indicates that there could be a problem with the brake pads, and just like any other component in the brake system, it must be replaced immediately. Do not ignore these sounds because they can cause further damage if they are not replaced.

  1. Unusual clicking sounds while turning the car

If you hear clicking sounds whenever you turn your car, then this could be a sign of a problem. The problem begins with low clicking sounds, but the sound can grow with time. If you have experienced these kinds of sounds, then you must get it checked by a mechanic immediately because there could be a problem with the velocity joints on the front axle that might need an immediate replacement.

  1. Squealing sounds that come from under the hood

If you hear squealing sounds from under the hood, that could indicate a problem with the serpentine belt. A worn-out serpentine belt can be quite dangerous because this belt drive is also connected to several other components like the alternator and the water pump. If you notice that there is a problem with this, then you must get it replaced immediately because the engine is also responsible for carrying out several other functions that keep a car working. Since it is a complicated task, do not attempt to fix it yourself and take it to a mechanic immediately.

  1. Rumbling sound from the exhaust

If you have heard a rumbling sound that comes from your exhaust pipe while you drive, then this indicates that there could be a leak in the exhaust muffler. This usually gets bad whenever you start the car, and the noise will keep growing until the problem becomes bigger. This also means that you will be letting out a lot of carbon monoxide directly into the atmosphere.

These are some of the common sounds that can be heard from a car. If you have heard them, then do not waste time, and take your car to a professional immediately and get it checked.

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